Seeking Feedback on NotionMail (Notion pages to emails)

Dillon Peterson
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Howdy Everyone! I would appreciate some feedback on our NotionMail Upcoming Product page. We are currently in closed beta and onboarding our first users. Essentially all you need to send emails with NotionMail is a Notion page you want to send, and a Notion table with a list of subscribers in it. Any suggestions for rewording the copy? Are the images on there helpful to you? Is anything confusing or unclear? Many thanks for your help, Dillon Peterson


Fabian Maume
Does the email you send include a link to the Notion template? Do you have an API to manage the email subscribers & trigger the email campaign?
Dillon Peterson
Hi Fabian! The Notion page is actually embedded into the email, and list of subscribers is stored in Notion table. Here’s a demo! This video has also been added to our Upcoming Product page. Thank you for your feedback!