Science in next decade

Jaskiran Kaur
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How will science change the world in the next 10 years?


Dagobert Renouf
It will all kill us by inventing a new pandemic 😂
[A computer science specific response. I acknowledge that "Science" is WAYYYYYY more than computer science] AI on multimodal data. Current AI mostly works with data forms in parallel. The text processing, speech processing and vision communities will start engaging way more with each other to create some cool tech.
Cathleen Turner
clean energy for all. AI in everyday life that makes things easier. space science + super computers will give us cool shit. Terraforming tech for mars will result in good products on earth.
Schools and universities will finally use learning science when designing their programs (and EdTech will be based on learning science and not just empty engagement metrics)
Anyone ideas how the humanities will help society? Maybe those fields should be given way more funding than they get now...