Say it with your chest

Adam James Wavy
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I’ve recently launched a fintech startup and brought on two incredibly talented cofounders. From my previous experience launching a successful startup, I know the early stages of building- my former partner and I were LOUD as hell on all social platforms waving around what we were working on making our startup our identity. It opened up a lot of curiosity and eventually created leads for the business. Your social platform and friends word of mouth is FREE advertising. What I found with my new and much younger team, they were a bit reluctant to flash publicly what they are working on. If you’re a CEO struggling with some shy cofounders what I found worked was showing examples of other successful founders and explaining these ppl did not end up in their position by keeping to themselves. More often than not I was dropping that old saying “say it with your chest” If you are not going to be the biggest cheer leader of your own product, no one else will be. I continuously would say these things to my team and its finally catching on! If anyone else out there is struggling to be loud about their new product. Please connect with me and I’ll help you get over the stage fright. ✌️


Eric Yang
I agree with you. I just want to echo because I need this - not just agree but also to action!