Saving health data on a blockchain in exchange for a token. Yes or No?

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Hi, over the last 5 years, my areas of focus have been crypto and genetics. I believe that today combining these two topics is more important than ever. Why? Tracking devices and apps like Apple Health or Google Fit collect your health data to monetize it - without counting you in. This is their business model. We try to break it. At haelth we aim to stop it by building decentralized health data network. Exporting your health data from your phone is extremely easy. You can own it right now with a touch of a single button. With haelth network, you will be able to save it on a blockchain as an NFT and earn haelth token in exchange for access to your data. Going forward, we plan to allow for adding other health and lifestyle data and save it on a blockchain as well, like blood test results and genetics data. Your health, your lifestyle, your genetics data is unique. This makes them valuable. We're building health community. Join us! More info:


Sarah Jordi
Hey Tomek, I looove that idea. But over the last years I've seen a few projects trying to tackle that issue (also with user data used for advertising) and I feel like the biggest challenge you will encounter is getting people's trust. Mainly because "Blockchain" and "Token" still sound shady to many people. And as paradox as it sounds, a lot of people will not trust Blockchain-based solutions yet despite the proven advantages. My assumption is that you have a long road ahead of you, but that it is doable 💪 One thing that would help (ignore if you already got that covered), would be specific examples and user journeys that help understand how a regular person can benefit from it and what the monetization through the token could look like. 😊 Best of luck, I'll definitely keep an eye on health. 🎊
Alina Ihnatiuk
Hey! A very interesting idea. And perhaps I agree with you ... if art is a great value, then health is even higher than that. Good luck!
Ira GI
That sounds good. I would like to see such a product on the market!
Ildi Xhaholli
I would personally stay away from positioning this as "monitizing your health data". However I think it would be possible to build a decentralized blockchain with a token baked in where users get rewarded for completing healthy tasks or helping others live a healthy lifestyle. User research will be key in figuring out the type of health data people are willing to permanently store on a blockchain. Also when I looked at your website I could not find any info on which blockchain the data will be stored on? Are you creating your own blockchain?
@madebyildi We planned to create NFT token on Ethereum to represent ownership of data, stored it on decentralized file storage e.g. Filecoin. Rewards in the form of haelth token would be created as the ERC-20 token on Ethereum. We still monitoring the space for alternative and more efficient ecosystems like Solana and others.
Hi, we also launched haelth today on PH => Show us support for the project!
Jonah Mills
I like the idea of saving it on blockchain. How about a secure/encrypted universal wallet for patients to share with doctors worldwide?