Roast my product idea:

Mark Jolley
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Hi everyone! I love being part of this community and the inspiration that comes from it. We’re testing a product idea for people in the U.S. and would love your feedback. INSIGHT: Medical bills are crushing people. High prices keep them from the care they need. These bills are unpredictable and slam into your monthly budget in ways that are hard to plan for. A person’s ability to afford the healthcare they need without going broke is an urgent need in America. IDEA: Help people finance their out-of-pocket medical expenses and repay over time without paying high-interest rates. PRODUCT: A digital payment app that works like a credit card and lets users pay their doctor today and repay their balance over time, but unlike a credit card users pay 0% interest. BUSINESS MODEL: Providers (doctors, hospitals, clinics, etc.) pay a % of the amount paid. RATIONALE: This product solves a problem for consumers. For our target consumer, the problem is liquidity, not affordability. That is, they can afford a $5,000 payment, just not all at once. This product solves two provider problems. The first is a collection problem (providers collect between 22%-77% of the amount billed to consumers). The second is an opportunity cost problem (those not following through with the care they need due to costs). We put up a landing page to test consumer response: I would love and appreciate your feedback on the product idea and the LP! 🙏 Mark