Requesting feedback on our website home page copy

Yaagneshwaran Ganesh
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I'm Yaag, the Marketing Director at Avoma -- We recently updated our home page content -- especially the Headline and the second fold where we talk about "Automate, analyze..." I would love some feedback if it's easily understandable, or does it take a couple of relooks before you get what the product is all about?


Casey Hill
Overall, I think I get a clear sense of what the product is. I think you might be able to bring some of the pain points, a bit more front a center, things like "don't let action items slip through the cracks". The more emphasis on the "why", I think the stronger the page will convert.
Yaagneshwaran Ganesh
@casey_hill1 Makes sense. Should I move things like "All in one place and not all over the place" to the top?
Ilias Galiotos
Overall, I also think it's very clear. The checkmarks are spot-on, but you can always ab test them, heatmap them and whatnot On a personal note, H4 is a bit lengthy, perhaps?
Yaagneshwaran Ganesh
@ilias__g you mean the sub text in the first fold, right? That's good feedback.
Samir Kumar Sah
Honestly... "Grow faster with intelligent meetings" does not relate to anything. It's part operation optimisation. It's more apt to give a header which more relatable. Like --Get more out of your meetings. --Make your meetings more meaningful And then explain how. Which sub headung doing great "Automate, analyze, and collaborate effortlessly – all in one place, not all over the place" This looks good. But I felt in mobile device it is not easily a highlight Second adding meeting is great in this like "Automate, analyse and collaborate after meeting". A/B testing down the line is great.
Yaagneshwaran Ganesh
@samir_kumar_sah1 We have been thinking of A/B testing to be done pretty soon, but this is amazingly detailed feedback. This really helps - a killer one Samir :)
1) If I were to re-do this, I'd use the H1 or H2 to communicate about the product in as literal terms as possible and as early as possible. For instance, if it's a note-taking/ meeting assistant tool—say it so. Keep the narrative of helping team run intelligent meetings for later. 2) The Meeting Assistant, Meeting Intelligence, and Meeting Collaboration part is repeating. It's good to reiterate certain points if you have a specific thought process behind it. In this case, the third (or is it the fourth?) fold makes more sense to me as a website visitor than it does in the first fold. 3) The video is a great addition! Just what I would look for if I'm evaluating a product/solution. But I'd have loved to see the more product screenshots in other places beyond the video though. 4) Is there a reason behind keeping customer logos in B&W? To me, it makes more sense to reflect their original colors because it would trigger brand recall in the audience's mind. (just like in the Integrations section) 5) The "Automate, analyze, and collaborate effortlessly – all in one place, not all over the place" has a good rhythm—but it reads long. I'd maybe say something like, "Keep your all your meetings in one place, not all over the place." 6) Great use of the white space, easy to read fonts, and visually pleasing graphics. 7) In the last fold, the copy reads better if you say "Try Avoma unrestricted for 14 days" instead of "Try unrestricted Avoma for 14 days." 8) Finally, I'm sure the team has thought this through, but the home page is loooong. 🙂 My rule of thumb is, I should get all information I need within 4-5 scroll WHILE I'M SKIMMING. You anyway have other pages linked to the page (e.g., the schedule demo, solutions, sign-up page, etc) if customers want to dig deeper.
Marketing Spark
To be honest, not crazy about it. From a design perspective, it doesn't say that we're a dynamic, fast-growing B2B SaaS company. It lacks pizzazz. Definitely, don't like the above-the-fold copy. Too much text. Who's the product for? Salespeople? Marketers? The checkmarks are focused on features, not benefits. I would have created a 60-second (or less) video rather than two minutes. Two minutes says "this is work" Overall, the website needs to be more clear about the benefits. How's it going to my job better, easier, more successful. Is it the insight from customers? Short close times. Happier customers?
Tarek Dajani
Overall, it seems very nice. Only when I want to "Automate, analyze, and collaborate" part did I really understand what you are doing. The "Meeting Assistant, Intelligence, Collaboration" in the heading I did not read to be honest, felt it was too much to read. I think if you can summarize these three sentences, since they are basically the automate section so people stop subconsciously not reading them , like me, it would be much better.