Requesting feedback on a new Twitter writing app

Sebastian Dugudae
1 reply
Hi everyone, I’m working on (yet another) Twitter writing tool, centred around the idea of Twitter being ephemeral by nature, i.e. whatever you post, gets lost after a (very short) while. I am trying to create a writing app that would make it easy to categorise tweets/threads belonging to a specific “journey” of yours. One example of this is: building something in public and tweeting a lot about it over a longer period. My assumption here is that it would be valuable to have the entire “journey’ in one place. This way, your audience can easily see it and engage with your past content more. If it’s not too much to ask, I've created a landing page ( and I’d really appreciate if you could stop by and leave some feedback on this post: - Is the idea clear enough on the landing page? - Is this something that you think would be useful, or perhaps even use? If it’s something that interests you, feel free to sign up to the waitlist as I’ll be sharing more updates soon!


Hey Sebastian - this may be of interest to you. We recently helped a B2B enterprise startup validate their idea in 2 days with 109 messages. Getting feedback for their product on Product Hunt didn’t go as planned. However, with Mavolos, they managed to get 6 demos booked and speak with 30 target customers. If this is something you’re challenged with too, I’d love to show you how we can help you get feedback so you can get your first customers!