Remote working Tools

Jaskiran Kaur
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Which Tools helped you to boost Productivity in Remote Working ?


Abdul Qadir
More than tools, having solid processes have helped us be more productive. Creating healthy boundaries for our team to make sure they maintain balance between their personal and work life has been the key, as with working from home most team members had started working way to long which would have caused burnouts. Creating focus hours so 4 hours everyday, everyone can focus on their key work where they aren't expected to be as responsive on Slack or take on calls.
Jonathan Yan
HI @jaskiran_kaur ! I work at oVice and we design and provide access to virtual spaces in the metaverse for our users to customize and make their own. Our goal is to give remote workers that "office feel" by allowing them to use an avatar to interact with their peers in real time to find that sense of connection and optimize collaboration with our various plug-in tools and features. You can check us out at to take a look around and see how it works!