Remote working

Monika Bakunts
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What's the most challenging part of working or learning remotely for you?


The biggest challenge for me when working / learning remotely is the lack of physical human contact. I will always prefer talking face-to-face to Zoom calls, team work in a library over shared Google Slides and so on. + onboarding new team members is a process in itself as well. I feel the inevitable detachment people experience (unable to hear the banter of coworkers or feel out the overall company atmosphere for instance) due to working separately is quite unfortunate..
Communication. It's faster and easier to work when your next to each other. Tool like Figma & Slack give us a good way to make good work in remote.
Daniel Po
Not having someone next to me I could just bug every few minutes to ask for advice or help. At home I would need to message, maybe book a time, take into consideration technical issues and delays, wait for any kind of response. Granted, some of these things are true for office-work too, but when comparing with remote work then these come in find first.
Monika Bakunts
@daniel_pt Sure! But comparing with office-work there are quite a lot advantages of working remotely, so this one actually will not bother us !😀❤
Alina Ihnatiuk
Correct distribution of the working day
Ira GI
Prioritize tasks.
Joe Giglio, Chief Remote Officer
In my career, the biggest challenge has been getting buy-in from the Executives and Management chain. If they just don't like remote work and want you in the office, it ends up being nothing more than a frustrating experiment. Other than that, trying to build separation between work life and personal life can be challenging which is why a lot of people complain about burn out. Work is always just a tab away.
Monika Bakunts
@joegiglio I completely agree with you. Let's just focus on the positive now so that everything goes well.🤜🤛❤
Rosie Higgins
To be honest I love remote working, and I don't really have many challenges in terms of actually doing the work. But I do struggle to fit enough exercise into my routine, I used to cycle to and from the office back when I worked in one and I miss that!
Monika Bakunts
@rosie_higgins_grapevine what if you just try to go gym or plan something that will help you energize after work or during the break time?
Rosie Higgins
@bakunc I actually live in a really remote area so we don't have any gyms nearby, however I used to play Ring Fitness on the Switch so I should get back into that for the winter 😂😂
Richard Anthony
@bakunc @rosie_higgins_grapevine for me, the key to forming an exercise habit was to do it first thing in the morning and before anything else (incl. breakfast, email, internet etc). It's become automatic now: get, up, put on gear, exercise, breakfast, start work.
Armen Tadevosyan
For me, it is communicating with team members.
Alina Ihnatiuk
I'm not good at organizing my day ... cooking, cleaning the house, personal affairs, working moments. Sometimes I feel like a day is wasted...
Iris Park
Learning stuff without anyone right next to me to help me out!
Anna Mandziuk 🇺🇦
Keeping a consistent working schedule and concentration. I'm usually working the entire day from the minute I wake up till I go to bed. This is because at home I tend to get distracted a lot which makes me feel less productive. Hence, I feel inclined to work more and more
Anett Keresztes
Well, I have an extroverted personality, who loves to be with people. For me, the most challenging part is not being able to have small talk the whole day. Also having a full-time remote worker boyfriend, who loves playing during the day does not help the situation. 😂
Collin Thompson
There's just not enough activities or things to do with you co workers IRL. Like, I've been thinking of ways that you can get the team together to bond in different ways, whether it be trips - staycations, or destination meetups— just to get to know each other and vibe. I don't have to do this in an office, but it would be cool to travel somewhere and hang out for like a week, work together on stuff, chill, and and then go back to our own cities/countries.