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Azniv Resyan
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What are some of the disadvantages of remote working?


Ashit Vora
You don't have someone to bounce ideas with or discuss things other than work. Of course, you can jump on a call with someone and discuss but it's not the same as in-person.
@ashitvora Agreed, in fact our team is tackling the very issue you mentioned: the lack of spontaneous collaboration and feeling of disconnected from the team. May I ask from your experience, what are the biggest frictions when you want to casually discuss or bounce ideas remotely?
Ng Fang Kiang
If you don't like to work remotely, then most of the advantages will become disadvantages. But, if you like to work remotely, everything seems like an advantage. However, we share some common disadvantages too! Which are Loneliness, No Fixed Workplace, Noise and Working Alone.
Elena Cirera
-Isolation -Decreased Work/Life Balance -Lack of Relationships Among Coworkers -Increased Distractions -Decreased awareness of industry trends