Releasing from beta this quarter - any advice?

Solomon Bush
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Hey all! I am releasing Log Harvestor from beta sometime early this quarter. Hopefully before the end of the month. I am trying to build a checklist on things to do before my 1.0 launch but I am an engineer by trade and suck at marketing haha. Does anyone have some good advice, marketing or general, on things I need to do before launch? Edit: Here is a link to the main page:


Hussain Effendi
Firstly all the best for the beta launch! I feel you should have the following in place (I'm assuming that since its your second product launch you already have all this in place and a lot more, based on your experience) - Know your competitors and target audience - Social media handles: I would suggest using those handles to engage with your target audience. - Product Hunt: Well, you are already here so know better how it works. PH in itself is a great platform for you to find a good user base, lots of feedback, and loads of support. - Participate in as many product and startup events as possible to showcase your wonders. - Get ready for a lot of PR. Would love to hear what you think of the above and if it was already a part of your launch plan. Curious!
Solomon Bush
@heffendi This is great advice! As far as what you suggested, I had most of those in my checklist, except the `participate in as many product and startup events...` This one is a good idea! I just don't know how to find these events. Do you have any suggestions?
Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
Great product. You can try to market your tools as a SIEM tool and engage with the security communities around the world via some conferences for example. - Create a use-case page on your web describing why your tool is a great SIEM solution (you have all the elements according to your website) - Try to create a competitive analysis - how you are better than the rest in the segment - I guess price and simplicity. - See a conference or two and apply for a talk to show some use-cases - Rech-out to some SME business you know and pitch your idea. I can help you (for free) if you want to go in this direction.
Solomon Bush
@bogomep These are awesome suggestions! I would definitely like to go in this direction and any help you could offer would be much appreciated!
Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
@solomon_bush can you ping me on bogomil at
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
Good luck with the release, Solomon!