Sebastian Britz
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"Not acknowledging your weaknesses is both unsustainable and poor leadership." I completely agree with this statement. As a leader and founder you don't have to know everything but rather know what you don't know. It is important to fill these gaps with great people in your team. In the end it is not the performance of the individual but that of the whole team! What's your take?


Mahak from Outgrow
yes, I completely agree with you. And I think it's not just applicable in a team but also to every individual. Like one should acknowledge his/her weakness and try to make it from worst to better. You don't need to do your best, but at least one can do better than yesterday, better than today. And yes in the team, it's a responsibility of a team leader to fill the weakness of the team and not to show off the best because most of the time, it's the weakness that lets down the motivation of the whole team. It's better for the team when the team leader is good in things which other team members lack but obviously not necessary too,
Sebastian Britz
@mahak Well said Mahak! I agree that this is something one can adopt for personal development too. In fact I have and I try to abide by it.