Recommend me a marketing book!

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My most recent read that I can't recommend enough is "$100 Million Dollar Offers" by Alex Hormozi. It's not your typical marketing book and is jam-packed with so many ideas from different angles I hadn't considered, that I just devoured it and took tons of notes. Affiliate link:
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These aren't exactly marketing books, but marketers will find them extremely useful. Thinking fast and slow: A good primer to behavioural science Impro/Impro for theatre: great book on storytelling Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion: Sales bible Purple cow: Lot of interesting (But old) Mkt case studies
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If I may suggest, it's not strictly marketing per se, but hear me out. It's a book by Rory Sutherland called "Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life". There are just so many meaningful insights, not just for marketing, but for business in general. Marty Neumeier also has some good reading somewhat related to this topic: "The Zag", and "The Brand Gap" are the first ones that come to mind. And also, someone already mentioned, but: Kahneman's "Thinking Fast and Slow" is just a great all-around book.
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Traction by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares
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Read any of Seth Godin's books. My personal favourite is "All marketers are liars" This book gives a real-life outlook on how marketing should actually function
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Not specifically marketing, but one of my favourite books and definitely has an impact on the way you approach marketing after you read it. The book is 'Wired for Story - by Lisa Cron' It's a huge amount of information about the way our brains are neuroscientifically wired to respond to stories and exactly how to structure them and why it works. Incredibly useful.
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