Real world utilities in NFT

Lenin Rajaram
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Hi, my name is Lenin. I am creating Physical NFTs(actually experimenting ). my family has been making wooden artifacts for centuries 200 + years and I am trying to tokenize these artifacts so that they can be traced back to their origins. our elders missed the internet boom and now this artform is almost extinct . do you think this art form can be immortalized on the blockchain? Please check the link for more info Traditional wood carvings as Physical NFT... with proof of authenticity


Alexander Pickworth
Yes! I am involved in the new pulsechain blockchain and can point you toward a token project being built on that launching soon that has already made a partnership with the company BOXABLE. If interested, dm me and ill give you info.
Alexander Pickworth
@alexander_pickworth1 actually you know what, since it hasn’t launched yet ill reveal them here. and the nft marketplace that they will be launching is called PixelPark.