Rapid Product/Feature Idea Validation, is important right?

Junior Owolabi
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The problem I'm solving is: Startups not invalidating bad ideas or testing good ideas before building anything. I built a saas tool that allows users (Pre-Startup Entrepreneurs and Growing Startup founders) to Manage, Prototype and Validate Product/Feature Ideas, before writing a line of code. Because of the complexity of idea validation and the manual nature of existing tools, people think this tool is for following a manual process, or for doing a lot of writing, which is far from what is it. I working on making the idea validation as simple and rapid as possible. I'm an experienced software engineer, that has been an intrepreneur (all that time), so I don't want to make a platform that goes against what we software engineers like to do. How it works - Users create a problem statement (which is a validation experiment). - Each experiment can have unlimited customer profiles (which are defined with tag sets and tags alone, e.g. Tagset -> 'Pain Points' with Tag(s) -> [Can't Find Early Adopters], [Users Keep Churning]). - Each profile can have unlimited solution prototypes (Create Interactive High fidelity Prototypes). - Each profile can have interaction items that consist of a sequence of standard, interview (video call) and usability testing questions. - Each Interaction item are provided with public links to send out in emails or messages. If there is an interview question the link is for booking/screening otherwise it is a survey. - Users conduct interviews (Video Calls) from their in-app meeting room. - Video calls are automatically recorded and transcribed. - Users tag sections of the transcripts to convert them to quantifiable and qualifiable data, then the data can be visualised. - Then users make a decision to Pivot or Iterate. It is not yet released on product hunt, because this solution was a pivot and the MVP just launched.


yes, fast validation is mostly the best thing. If you are a pro in your field you can also risk some bigger projects by doing it a little bit longer.. :)
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