Pursue of Product/Services Ideas

Juan Carlos Marin
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I'm interested in getting your valued opinion on how you decide to pursue product/services ideas. Do you do a deep market research and decide if it is a viable product/service to embark on, or do you go all the way into a gut feeling and do everything possible to make it work?


Joel Flory
Co-Founder & CEO at VSCO
Early days of VSCO it was 100% instinct. With that said, it can be a little misleading because between the first 5 of us working at VSCO, we had over 50 years combined working professionally in the photo and design space. As the business grew so did the importance of research. Some decisions you lean more on research and others less, it really depends. No matter what, Iā€™d encourage for you/your team to stay as close to the customer as possible.
Juan Carlos Marin
Thinking Visually
@joeldflory Thank you Joel your insight is very valuable, because I have seen the growth from VSCO so I can relate what you say. Great insight also that some decisions depends on one thing more than another. I thinking the two must live together as partners. Thanks for the advice to stay close to the customers.
Maxwell Davis
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We've spent quite a bit of time researching, gathering data especially on competing products
Juan Carlos Marin
Thinking Visually
@maxwellcdavis Thank you Maxwell good insight, I was assuming research, data etc is very important, your comment validates