Public Roadmaps - Useful tool or just collecting noise?

Alex Harris
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Have you used a Public Roadmap and it worked like a charm? It would be great to hear from you! Tried it but did not work? Please share your learnings!


Vadim Khamzin
I think a good example is how @alexanderisora uses Trello as a roadmap for his Unicorn Platform.
Alexander Isora 🦄
@cyberlancer thanks for mentioning us, Vadim. We at Unicorn Platform have a public roadmap hosted on Trello ( Some thoughts: 1) Trello is super easy to work with for my users. They do not need to sign up to interact because most people have an account in Trello. 2) I love to see what features people want the most. It helps me to align our product development plan. 3) People share more details about the features they want. Useful! 4) We are able to show our vision of the product to the public and give them a better understanding of what will Unicorn Platform look like in the future. It helps our users to make a better of whether to buy our product or not.
Alex Harris
@cyberlancer @alexanderisora Thank you, this is super helpful! Whats your opinion on specialised public roadmap tools?
Alexander Isora 🦄
@cyberlancer @alexharris That is easy. I prefer Trello because Trello allows my users to upvote and comment without leaving their emails. Also Trello is free. If I had a more complex tool with more features, I would consider a specialised tool 🙂
Anil Meena
It could be noise if you don't follow the pattern or sort them out to understand what your users are looking for... I highly insist on understanding your user requirement through everything they say to understand why exactly they need it.
Pavel Kukhnavets
One of the best examples of using an online roadmap for projects is visualizing it with a Gantt chart provided by many modern project management software solutions. For example, GanttPRO ( - a project management software based on a Gantt chart and useful for managing all kinds of roadmaps. It stands out for its intuitive interface and powerful features.