Project management, communication, time tracking all in one app

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As a freelancer I find it pretty chaotic when I need to juggle between multiple apps for task management, time tracking, communication, invoicing and etc. I know there's apps/plugins for Slack and etc., but still it does not satisfies me. Imagine all-in-one workstation: Slack + Toggl + Todoist + any invoicing app. Of course because of the scope it would have less features in each area. Would you use such web app or do you prefer using dedicated apps for each need? Also which of any other features would you like to have included?


Mikhail Aksenov
Sounds a lot like MS Teams to me
Sandra Djajic
GoStartup is pretty much an all-in-one app with communications (ie. Slack), task management (ie. Trello), and team calendar (ie. Google Calendar). Everything has been designed so they're all interconnected so you don't need to leave the app for something. We're in the process of adding features like time tracking and invoicing all into one place as well since they're important for everyday running of the business with employees
Deepa Kapoor
Check all-in-one solution. They have a Time tracking app along with Project management, Expense management, Invoicing, Calendar and Time off. They also have Contact management software that will manage all customer and leads information along with notes, issues, tasks, events. This also includes Document management, Task management, managing Opportunities and Competitors analysis. Instead of using multiple apps, this one software will provide all the solution to businesses.
Yauhen Petrachuk
Hi :) Nowadays you can think of a lot of narrow-niche integration options, but a universal option is much harder to find, so I would recommend trying Everhour time tracking software, we have integrations with Slack & Todoist, you can try them both for 14 days. I represent Everhour so you can ask me any questions, cheers :)
Pavel Kukhnavets
The tools you've mentioned are good, but all of them are limited in terms of the essential features required to manage modern projects. I recommend to try GanttPRO Being an online solution, it is available on Mac as well as any other OS. The Gantt chart-based approach, combined with the clean and attractive interface, makes tasks and project management highly intuitive. Creating projects is simple and quick there. The drag & drop feature makes it easy to add new tasks, create dependencies, assign resources, track progress, manage dates, and, if needed, change data.