Product Hunt and non tech folks - Chalk and Cheese?

Jai Thakur
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Hi Guys, I am a non tech guy. Meaning non coder, zilch understanding of computer systems but I know what value they bring as a whole. Trying to learn nocode, little bit of code. On PH most of you seem to be experts at everything and I got the scares! Like I don't even know what to talk to you guys about. Does anyone even need me here? Can I offer some value to anyone or anything? I talked to few non coders around and they don't even know PH exists! What could be done to help people like me into the making, building community? How can we be more involved with product making process without being left out? I'd like to understand more from others how has their experience been here and how did they start their indie journey. Love, Jai


Maxwell Davis
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Hi there - I'm also not a developer, but I think I've been able to contribute quite a lot to this community. I don't think everyone here is an expert at everything - in fact a lot of the questions on these forums are requesting for help and advice. I've just contributed where I can, helped out commented, supported etc. its helped me develop some good relationships here and also given me a small but growing following which I'll use for my own launch eventually.