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Chain Reaction
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What you guys recommend or suggest for product ( its a electronics physical products not a app) for improving its quality and after we received the complaints and faults from our customer we need to make it better for next production . Right now we are using WhatsApp + google drive WhatsApp for ( audio message + videos + pictures ) Google Drive ( to share files ) but it always get messy and we have to limit ourself to take one problem/fault of a product at time , find its solution fix it then move to next one sometimes it will take days and weeks , and others need to wait in que , which makes our efficiency very low , and most importantly we cannot trace back what we had did previously with this product exactly as it all get in whatsapp history only. sorry my bad english , i am not native english . Regards


Ruth Even Haim
We use Crisp, which as a great, affordable CRM. For eCommerce Gorgias is a highly recommended one