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Emily Cash
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I work in public relations, media, digital content, social, design, strategy, editorial, and it feels like I could help answer some questions for you guys.


Hi there, thank you for doing this. What would the say is the best way to approach a CEO or founder for an interview? Cold emails and LinkedIn DMs both have worked in the past, but not equally and in the end I was never really sure why
@rubenwolff A couple options: does the CEO / startup’s website have a media kit (or “contact us” or “press”) link in the footer? That’s usually where the contact info for their media person (if they have one) lives. Is there a contact form? My clients are very diligent about forwarding PR-related submissions. Hard mode: cold emailing, if you have a legit address. LinkedIn, or other DMs is a shot in the dark but could work. Emails can be found on “about the team” pages as well. You can always message their social accounts and ask “who is the best person to contact for media inquiries?” Free press is free press so you’ll usually hear back. I hope this helps!
@emily_cash1 It does yes, thank you. I was asking because they don't always have press people or personal email addresses on the website and that's when I slide in their DMs on LinkedIn. I'll try asking who the best person to contact is though instead of only writing to CEOs themselves, good advice :)
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Hi @emily_cash1, my team and I have just launched our blog. What would you advise to gain visibility? Thanks for helping out!