Post Three Words to Describe Launching on ProductHunt!

David J. Kim
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I'll start. Stressful. Exciting. Tense.


Pablo Fatas
Wholesome (this community is awesome) Tiring (have to stay up all night engaging with feedback on launch day) Rewarding (all worth it in the end)
David J. Kim
@pablo_fatas Definitely agree with the wholesome part!
Max Russell
Curious (my 1st time launching here) Frustrating (fool around to find out how to have a good pre-launch campaign) Exciting (can't wait to see how it goes)
Linda Liepa
Creative - you have to put quite an effort into posting a product, preparing comments describing your product, and engaging people. Research - research examples of successful launches and what should be done before and after (I wish I could have researched more about it). Beneficial - product awareness, great feedback, and perhaps new clients/users for your product.
Emuobosa Onerhime
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