Sebastian Britz
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Anyone here has used Pomodoro and seen a significant change?


I use the technique regularly, I found it easier to rely on it for any routine taks or projects to run in sprints. 25/5 is a standard one I have set up on my Galaxy Watch for tracking, but I also use a longer 50/10 version. I also tend to focus on things that do not really deserve much attention sometimes, so it helped me develop a habit to be brief in execution with such tasks.
It's funny you asked this because I did not know about the pomodoro method until 2 weeks ago and now it seems that everyone is speaking about it. I really like and it works very well. I find 25 min too little and I tend to use 50min. We have a virtual co-working space and we work together using the same timer, is quite fun
Harry Kulkarni
I don't know a single person who has used this technique for a long time.
I haven't used Pomodoro and I guess it doesn't fit the deep work. A regular time tracker may be a better solution when you control how long to work on a task and when to take a break.
Daniel Depetris
I don't know what it is, can someone explain it to me?