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Aubrey Bone
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Why is it that turning podcast subscribers and listeners into purchasers of advertised goods/services is so difficult? Podcasters put a great deal of effort into their product and try to use advertising to offset the cost. Most listeners quickly hit the advance 30 sec button and blast right past the advertisement. What if there were a way to keep that from happening? What if there were a way to turn that portion (the advertisement) of the podcast into an easy-to-transact event? I have some ideas. Hope you do too.


Maxwell Davis
Launching Something Soon 🚀
The trouble for Podcasters is that the audio platforms (spotify etc) haven't implemented a way that listeners have to listen to the Ad - unlike video where say YouTube you have to wait 5 secs or so. So it makes it a soft ad product. But I'm also surprised how few Podcasters make use of affiliate marketing - especially those that have a strong niche brand.
Luna Terra
I think it will be really interesting and bitlife is looking forward to it
weaver wilder
stickman fighter
You should understand that the people they sign up for are for different purposes instead of buying. Just like when you go to stickman fighter instead of you playing this game you play other games available on the site. So, carefully study the needs and goals of the subscriber