Please roast: a concept for our product (YC S21). if Notion and G.Forms had a baby. A beautiful baby

Kyril Kulikov
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We are working on an online tool, Beau ( It's a no-code tool for businesses to onboard and automate interactions with their clients. Customers use our software to collect submissions, payments, send messages and more. Our startup has been funded recently by Y Combinator and we are participating in the S21 batch. During our internal brainstorm sessions, we came up with a concept of a big feature for our product. We started working on it already but I would love to get some fresh eyes on it before we dive deeper into coding! THE CONCEPT Beau Docs are simple and clean Notion-like documents with online forms across the doc. Users will be able to create docs with our visual builder. Picture worth a thousand words, so feel free to check out our rough mockup of a Beau Doc: The whole concept is pretty straightforward: "if Notion and Google Forms had a baby". In short: - Create and add forms within beautiful documents: anyone can explain their business process and onboard users within the same document/page. - Get sharable links like Google Docs, Notion, Dropbox Paper, etc. - Submit data and scroll a doc without a hassle: no reloading or forwarding somewhere during filling forms. - Use Beau Docs as an alternative to a traditional blog post or /services section on corporate websites: users fill forms during reading about processes. From a coding point of view, this feature can be done relatively quickly in Beau. We have our backend and client portals ready for this. In other words, Beau Docs are just a different view of our portals. THE ASK As I mentioned, we have started working on Beau Docs already. I would love to hear your thoughts, notes, ideas, feedback on the concept. I believe that it will help us to release something awesome! Feel free to share your thoughts/ideas in the comments.


Ilia Kulikov
heya! I wrote on facebook, but maybe someone here would find it interesting too: add GPT-3 text suggestions into the text editor. It will help with writing headlines and descriptions for the forms as well
Edward Li
Hi Kyril, this is really cool. I used to run an e-commerce startup and had a lot of client onboarding to do. We ended up building an onboarding flow using Beau seems to let us do this much more quickly.
Jennifer Xox
hi , i am also working on a baby accessory project. check out my page to know more about it.