Please give us a lot of tips on how you got the first users.

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How did you get your first users? We are preparing launch a betting-based social network service. However, I feel that gathering users is more difficult than developing a service. Sending a message through Instagram is immediately banned from Instagram. Promotions on Reddit will also be classified as advertising spam and will be removed. Thanks for sharing how you got your first users. Thank you for teaching me a lot. thank you.


Johannes Grenzemann
Building is easy, selling ist hard :) Selling stuff/ getting in touch online is really hard today, because everybody does it - and most sales people are just spammers, you send their stuff to anybody who looks a little bit interesting. Therefore selling online is hard. If you really want to see that fly why not going to places where people are, that like betting or playing other games for money (Slots, casinos, bookmakers, etc. (depending on your country/legislation)). Then stand in front of that location, try to make an honest impression 😇 - and talk to the people who go there... They can give you feedback, and if they like it / talk about it, be your first "foot in the door". And also they can give you hints where they also go to play... (and where you maybe could buy as in the future).
Akinori Nakajima
It's not easy, can try to rank up on Bing, Yelp, CitySearch, and Google My Business, if needed run ads there and update pages regularly!