Play now. Pay later: Trying a new pricing experiment

Nishith from True Sparrow
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Play now. Pay later. That's the new zero-friction pricing experiment that we are running at Thursday has been getting excellent traction since we launched it 3 months ago right here on Product Hunt. 4000 socials have been created so far on Thursday. It is a promising start, but... WHERE IS THE MONEY??? 💰💰💰 If your customer is going to take out their wallet and pay for your product, you know their pain is real, and your product is the remedy they were looking for. There is no better validation than this. We have worked very hard to keep things simple on Thursday. Anything that adds friction is removed. Bye-bye sign-ups. We wanted the same for our pricing model - zero friction. You don't have to sign-up and pay first. Instead, you pay at the end - after you are done with the social. Well, we are believers - believers in the goodness of people - that they will do the right thing. The best thing was that we could put everything together (from UX to implementation) in a day and with very minimal dev effort. How much are we charging? Thursday is free for teams of up to 7 people. For teams of 8 and above, we charge $19 per social. Once again, play first, pay later. What say? What other interesting pricing models have you seen or have implemented yourself?


I love the intent to see the best in people. Just an idea, if you enabled a tip jar for not just the host but the participants that could help the host and you sort the payment for the service.....
Nishith from True Sparrow
@maxwellcdavis interesting thought. While I generally don't like the tip jar approach, but it could make sense for the participants.
Misha Krunic
An interesting and brave step to take! Good luck!
That's a bold move, Nishith. Customers would love the trust offered by How have the results been of play now, pay later?
Kind of similar to some restaurants, enjoy the food and pay after. Takes the stress away while you're enjoying the meal. While there's a reason most don't choose to take this route, it's great you're willing to try it out! Let us know how it goes :)
ankita singh
I tried it, and this is really amazing product. Best part is no signin signup or any long steps to get started.