Platforms on which you can promote your product?

Maya Ben Zid
12 replies
Other than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin 👀


Fabian Maume
Well product hunt. :) If your product is SaaS: For any product: You can also join, it is a cool community.
Tobias Gray
I've never really had great results with generic platforms to share products (product hunt being the exception). Finding where your potential users are seems to work better so specific blogs or forums that relate to the product are a good bet. A good example I've been using is going to the WordPress reader and searching for blogs that cover the same subject, read their content and engage with them. If you do that most don't mind the slip in of an occasional plug and some may even write a post about you.
Maya Ben Zid
@tobiasgray I tried Hacker Noon a while back! I honestly received a good engagement so I think you're right about engaging on other people's blog posts! I'll try out Wordpress. Thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it!
Zach Wright
@tobiasgray @maya_ovice Piggybacking on this. If you engage with those bloggers, you may be able to strike a deal where they'll promote your product in exchange for exposure on your social, access to your product, etc.
Tamela Melita
why is product hunt everyone's first choice. I mean you are on here. Anyway , I'm here for the leads.
Isabel Nyo
Writing good content related to my products on these platforms rather than directly promoting helps: - Quora - IndieHackers - Sub reddit - Hacker news - Medium