Platform Confusion

Soham Sharma
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I am starting to build a community on one of the channels and have an engaging audience. But I am confused as to what the channel must be. I have shortlisted majorly 3 platforms where I can try building a community for a SaaS company. Slack is my choice, but however would like your advices as well. Which is your go to platform to build a community?


I think it depends on what the content area is - for example if you were looking at gaming then Discord would be the place to be. For more traditional work related then I'd go Slack. Then I'd think about how the platform might be used - for example if you're looking at people replying to things then I wouldn't go for Discord as the notification method is very poor. Slack and Telegram both have decent apps and notifications.
Anil Meena
Hi @soham_sharma You can certainly try; it is a white-label community platform that can be customized like your brand. But also has lots of inbuilt functions like paywalls, video conferencing, custom domain hosting, SSO, post-based section as well as chat-based section. Let me know what you think..
Soham Sharma
@anil_meena21 I can definitely give that a try but I believe Slack is more convenient as it is more stable for now. I can definitely think of the options as well. Thank you so much for the suggestions.
Rosie Sherry
Normally when people don't know what platform or tools to use I feel it is because they haven't done enough Community Discovery (research) and haven't experimented enough with what they would like to do (Minimum Viable Communities).