PH should have a "Dead" or "Shut Down" report button and badge?

Ghost Kitty
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Being a Start-Up means 99% will be dead. I search and find that there are so many project have been shut down or not exist anymore (even they got so many upvotes in the past) It's really great if we got a button to report it and after review by PH team it will be gotton a badge like "Still love it". What do you think?


Ruben Wolff
Very good idea, you gotta submit it to the PH team :)
Tim Carambat
We do! In fact, youll see on Product Hunt that a lot of project may have a tiny little Ghost icon next to them. That means that the product is no longer around. For example, here is a product that I have since shut down. You will also notice the "Get It" button is disabled as well. We do have a service that alerts makers if we find their URL is no longer online and send them an alert that we will "Ghost" it unless they respond or resolve, but this problem is especially difficult with phone applications. A way for anyone to be able to report a post as "No longer online" is when you open the post, next to the title, there is a grey colored down arrow. This opens a menu where you can select "Flag" and click on "Not Working / Needs Editing". This goes to our awesome community team who will take appropriate action to that request within a few hours.
Jim Zhou
@tim_carambat Yikes I've been on this site for like half a decade and somehow never figured out how to report a dead link until now.