PH launch day: Saturday vs. Tuesday & Thursday (Results & Stats)

Jakub Piskor
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I have compared the results of launching 3 products on three different days on Product Hunt. Before I start, here are notes that it should be taken into consideration: - I don’t have a large following on social media to support my launches - I finished the MVP of the product and launched it immediately, without supporting the campaign before the launch - Always launched the product at the same time 9-9.30 am CET I wanted to compare these three days to find out if it’s better to launch on the weekend for founders without a large following. Here are the products and results. Published products: 1. Saturday: Entrepreneur List - A curated library of entrepreneurship knowledge ( ) 2. Thursday: Entrepreneur List 2.0 - The major product update 3. Tuesday: Userdome - Find products for your specific needs in seconds ( ) Entrepreneur List - Saturday Upvotes: 294 (4th Product of the day) Website visits: 867 Entrepreneur List 2.0 - Thursday Upvotes: 42 (18th Product of the day)  Website visits: 310 unique visitors Userdome - Tuesday Upvotes: 40 (24th Product of the day) Website visits: 296 unique visitors I know, the sample is small (only three products), but the results show me something interesting. For someone without social media presence, it could be more valuable to publish a product on the weekend when the competition is smaller, and you have a bigger chance getting to the top 5. I tried to launch two of my products on the most recommended days (Tuesday & Thursday), but the results weren’t satisfying, compared to the weekend. Top 5 gives us more time on the homepage, which converted to more visits and upvotes. As we can see, we should try to get to the top 5, even if it’s on the day when Product Hunt's daily visits are smaller, because we still get more exposure for our products. At least based on my experience. I hope it gives you some valuable insights. Good luck with your launches.


Gavin Hammar
This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing, Jakub. What would you say is a small enough social media following that would make a weekend launch worth trying?
Jakub Piskor
@gavin_hammar To be honest, I'm using only my experience here. So it would be nice to have some data from other founders with small/middle range of followers. I have only 345 Twitter followers, so it's nothing. In my opinion, 5K followers/subscribers could be enough to launch during a week with confidence. But it's only my point of view, maybe someone with 3K prove me I'm wrong and it's enough.
Vian Trinh
Thanks a lot for sharing @jakub_piskor ! One question: Do you think the differences in your products would have a big or small impact on the launch engagement?
Jakub Piskor
@vianingrowth Probably small impact, imo. I launched version 1.0 and version 2.0 of same product, and the results were far way better on Saturday.
Louis Castérot
I should have looked it up before posting lol :) thanks for the tip anyway ! ps: there's an option when you want to add a product which enables you to "update" an existing product rather than creating a new, do you know whether the update option republishes it ?
Gaurav Goyal
Thanks Jakub for sharing your insights. It's always a trade-off between weekend and weekday launch.
Anoir Houmou
Thanks for sharing your insights Jakub! For future launches, would you recommend launching with a hunter?
Jakub Piskor
@anoirhoumou Definitely an option! If the hunter has a large following, it's a viable option how to get the first momentum. I'm planning to launch one side project on Sunday to see the results. But if I would launch another major product, I would consider getting hunter on board.