Personal payment gateway

XiaoMing Store
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Hello community! I want to find a payment method for the customer. Not PayPal, Stripe, Square or other popular methods. Because I'm not a US citizen, registration and usage is quite difficult, I want to find a NEW payment method. I am not a registered company so accepting individual clients would be best. A suggestion from the community, thanks! :)


Jonas Schaller
Without an registered Company there is no way to get access to an payment gateway and sell something. Thats because banks and mastercard and stuff are not allow illegal activitys. You can use Crypto payments without an registered business, but not an public gateway, only your own hosted gateway ore sth like btcpayserver. But why would someone who sells something legal do that :)
XiaoMing Store
@jonassc My client doesn't like crypto, it sucks. Thank you. :)