Part 2 : HOW I created this landing page within 48 hours!!! (On demand)

Siddhesh Lokare
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It was a good day at work. Our weekly huddle was going well and the team was planning to revamp the old landing page for improving our SEO. And unfortunately, our web developer called in sick. I mean what were the chances? We thought of postponing for a week but we had to get it ready before presenting for the pre-seed funding round. Having completed my graduation in IT, I thought of taking the charge and guess what? I chose to take the high leap! Day 1 : I opened Figma and loaded the mockup designs given to me. Content team made it easy to make changes in the key deliverables and value propositions of our startup. Thereafter, I started preparing assets required for the web page. At that point, I knew if I needed to develop this as fast as possible and without any stutters in animations, I needed an extra hand. Subconsciously, I pinged my friend who is a professional animator and asked for help. Designing the landing page took me close to 10 hours and boy oh boy, it was hectic! It was evening already and I realized it was the right time to get to the main event.. CODING! I began coding on React.js using a few resources to get started. Here is what helped me the most : Day 2 : In the first half I finished a rough version of the website with mockups in place. As I was waiting for my friend to call, I tweaked the website a bit and looked into the responsive part of the site. I was able to complete that in time. My friend called and provided me with the animations needed to complete the site. I must say he did a great job for the deadline given to him. Now that all the pieces of the puzzle were in place, I felt a sigh of relief and polished the animations with a few details. If you are on the same path and something stops you, there are platforms like Stackoverflow,, Spectrum and more communities to help you move forward. They were my saviors! So yeah, it was hard to wrap my head around the fact that I could binge code and design for more than 25 hours. But, it happened and we presented the revamped landing page. I am glad I didn't lose my touch and the spirit of obsessing over one syntax at a time stayed with me. Being agile may not be an ideal choice but if you have belief in the purpose of what you are working on, nothing is impossible! Hope this helped you understand my process of creating this landing page in a comprehensive manner. Hope this made sense to you :)


Deep Eiem
Ruben Wolff
Very interesting and inspirational read, thanks for posting about your story :)
robiul haque
It is so nice of you that your ideas and materials are very much enthusiastic for all.