Organic App promotion

manav singhal
3 replies
I have created an app Cinebash for android. How to promote the application organically? Should I approach individual YouTubers? Should I go for the google Ads approach?


David J. Kim
We did it via small ads and producthunt. I personally wouldn't recommend any mass marketing until you've nailed your retention.
Ciprian Istodor
We did it (in our case mobile games android and iOS) via google ads with objective app installs, social media posts, some blogs, creating backlinks (as many you can), submtting our apk to as many stores and you have to do a good ASO for your app, also you have to be careful with google ads because if u ask me Google Ads is helping you getting some installs but it's burning quickly all your money, for the beggining you will not earn how much you spend with Google Ads...i wish you good luck!!