Opinions on BitClout?

Lauren Proctor
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I have a group of friends who are all in on BitClout. Curious to hear what the Product Hunt community thinks and why. Any and all thoughts or opinions are greatly appreciated.


Jack Davis
I have seen a lot of vastly different opinions. Some people are saying it is going to be huge because it is "decentralized social media". I have also seen many people say it could very well be a giant scam because you have to pay to create a profile and there is also no way to liquidate your coins or get your money out currently. On top of that I heard the creators of the app apparently saved a lot of "bitclout coins" for themselves, which is also suspicious. Basically they get people to pay money for the bitclout coins and because it has real money value attached all the hypothetical bitclout coins they reserved for themselves are now worth real money. But it is hard to tell as it seems sort of legit, and this is just what I read online lol. Lastly it seems to me that the app has a big problem as it is paradoxical. On one hand it claims to be "decentralized social media" which makes you think of being a more authentic social media but instead it encourages people to bet on the "value" of each individual. It reminds me of Black Mirror season 3 episode 1 Nosedive. It is basically a 50/50 coin toss right now and it could be the next big thing or crash and burn in the next months.