Only for 18-24 year old folks. What do you prefer?

Shubham Rawal
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Hey, what will you opt for when you don't know about financial markets.


I don’t think about stocks often. I am not interested in either, to be honest.
Shubham Rawal
@enderm I understand but can you elaborate more about why you are not interested?
Jake Gutstein
I would love to learn more and make my own decisions. Particularly scaffolding learning through experience and integrating learning into daily life and activities could be interesting. What are you working on?
Jake Gutstein
@shubham_rawal That sounds great! Best of luck. Financial literacy is so often ignored but paramount to success in life.
Rachel Levitz
Hi! I'm interested, I took a finance course a few years ago on the topic. But I still dont feel like I have a good enough grasp to be active in the field