Online Shopping or Offline Shopping.....

Jaskiran Kaur
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Do you like shopping online or in a store?


Jaskiran Kaur
@manish_rawat1 What do you most like about the online shopping?
Manish Rawat
@jaskiran_kaur The convenience, I can get everything from the comfort of my home and sometimes u go out for a product of a specific brand but it's unavailable. It saves a lot of time as well.
Jaskiran Kaur
@orbin8 Both have pros and cons and using combination of them makes successful purchases . Same I like both types of shopping 😊
I prefer online shopping.
Jaskiran Kaur
@soylakate What do you most like about the online shopping?
@jaskiran_kaur I value my time a lot, making purchases from home and having them delivered right to your door saves time as I don't need to get ready, waste time in traffic jams (all big supermarkets and malls are located far from home). Offline shopping just stresses me out.
I always prefer online shopping because the range of products in online stores is much wider. I have been looking for acrylic home products on store shelves for a long time, but they were often out of stock, and I decided to try to order some accessories from The order was placed and shipped quickly. It was my first purchase from an online store, and I was worried, but after receiving the goods, I decided that online shopping is now a priority. So, since 2020(which coincided with the pandemic's start), I have been buying things online most of the time. I'm an introvert, and it's the best choice for me.
Broder Dominiqueson
I like to prefer online shopping because through this process you can save your time and money.Because physical shopping is so dofficult to sot out your desire able thing.Recently I experienced an online store and find amazing products like .
Marcelinoson Meates
The greatest benefit of online shopping is its convenience. Through the digital space, you can buy anything you want from the comfort of your own home. I experienced with this online store and satisfied with products.Since online stores are open 24/7 and accessible from anywhere with internet access, it's easy to fit online shopping into your life no matter how busy you are.