Now that we are mostly working from home; how has that changed your work-life balance?

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I work far more ^^
Mayank Gupta
For me, work is play. I love the work I'm currently doing, that's play for me. Work is actually learning new things as I am working and also implementing those things. Work-life balance is important because, we need to remember what we are as a human being. So staying away from work and talking to your family and friends is what basically life is. So both are under control. I give enough time to self, family and work!
Emuobosa Onerhime
I'm now fighting temptations daily!
@bosaonline Ha ha! :D What kind of temptations are we talking about?
its quite hard to be honest. I'd like to go back to my office an seeing the people :(
John McD
It's hard to keep a balance but still has some solutions: I work in a tech company and we would use some remote work software (AweSun Remote Desktop,Zoom etc.) to help improve efficiency. After work I would simply shut down the laptop and be myself