Nocode tool for searchable, filterable, database?

Joshua Dance
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Question for #nocode experts. What tool would you use if you wanted to make a database of dog toys? Users could search by toy type, dog breed, size, cost etc and see a post with a picture, links, and a description. I loath the idea of trying to make Wordpress work like this. Feels like something Airtable could handle for the backend? But what about the front end etc?


Ricky Charpentier
Founder, Schedulr
I think that Airtable would make this pretty easy
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@rickfiyah Airtable is good but we switched from it..
Justin Bergener
Hi Josh, Check out, Stackby and Stackerhq.
Anil Meena
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If it's an e-commerce for pet accessories.. it can be done on bubble very easily... bubble can handle this If you are looking to build in existing wordpress then airtable but there would lots of back n forth.... Parallely you can also do this on webflow... As long as you yourself is managing the stock
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Notion all the way for me!
Neil Witten
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Hey @joshdance if you haven't found a solution yet, check out
Vishal Sahu
Founder & CEO at DrapCode
You can build the same on DrapCode. If you'd data is on Google Sheet or Airtable, then you can connect and fetch your data from there and build the frontend. Once you have the data, then you can apply search and filters on your data and give a nice looking UI to your users to view the data in list or tabular form. Hope this helps. Thanks.
Ioannis Roungeris
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Airtable &
Daniel Nikulshyn
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The best no-code tool for such cases - is
Lea Lim
Marketing @ Outcode
I'm not sure if you've found a solution already, but I'm building a product where you can view, filter, search data from many data sources. Still in closed-beta, if you are interested, let me know!