No need to be a hunter if you have a good follower base on twitter?

Zain Sheikh
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This is what I have found but need to authenticate with PH users. The problem is there are 100's of platforms available now a days to launch your startup. But you cannot post on them daily. And you cannot be active on all of them at once. So What I realized is that you only need to be active on one platform say twitter and gain as many followers as you can. You can find some common users on twitter and then request them to help you in your launch. What's your suggestion in this?


Tony Yan
It is so difficult to get followers on twitter.
Maxwell Davis
So the trouble with promoting through a Twitter following is that if your following there isn't on Product Hunt then it won't help you at all. As I understand it - to avoid being gamed the Product Hunt Algorithm essentially ignores new users when it comes to upvotes. So your Following on Twitter will only help if they are existing Product Hunt users. If not then a Hunter will be useful.
Beaufort Caron
You can use LinkedIn. Many users on product hunt are also active on LinkedIn