No code is great...but what if you're a Non Tech Founder and need something more than basic code

Zafar Ahsan
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There are a lot of options now for no-code app/web developments which is super helpful these days but it definitely has its limitations. I have an idea that would require some code, I know very (VERY) basic SWIFT but not enough to create a MVP for what I have on my mind. Where have you had success meeting or working with CTOs/Developers that can assist/ have interest in creating a MVP? I actually have another application for which I have hired a development team, although they are fine to work with after this experience I believe having a partner is much more beneficial. Feel like this is a common issue for Non Tech founders which there is no great answer for.


Alexander Thomsen
Hi, are you sure you can't do it in no-code? These days for majority of MVPs with a little bit of creativity you can get most things shipped. For example, you can use Adalo with Backendless and Zapier, instead of just doing Adalo to build a mobile app. With that said, not sure what your vision is but maybe before getting a CTO, get a MVP out in the market and get learnings first. You can consider freelancers on Fiverr or Upwork or talk to the community like at indiehacker, makerslog or reddit.
Junior Owolabi
there are app builder platforms online, but they are slightly limited also. I'm currently developing working that does such a thing, but that feature is in its alpha state.