NFT Wallet as personal profile

Hieu LE
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Your NFT Wallet is like your personal profile in Web3 era, what do you think should be in it?


Raghu Raji
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Marco Shira
I am expecting, after 2025, mass integration of P2P decentralized networks, the Internet of Things, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are Web 3.0 technologies. These technologies will employ open-source code software. Furthermore, the users will have a chance to change the software via public voting. The technologies mentioned above will allow the creation of Web3 solutions that can: Connect the users directly with online or offline services without intermediaries or centralized structures and companies; Allow the users to participate and vote instead of being outsourced to significant corporations and automatic algorithms; Revive the simplicity and purity of the early Internet. When it comes to NFT wallet, it will be more common in the upcoming future; I have been searching about this a lot because I am working with @risingmax