New Year Resolution 2022!!!!

Jaskiran Kaur
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What is your new year's resolution for the year 2022?


Aurelian Spodarec
None. New year resolutions are horrible! Imagine waiting one year to fix your bad sleeping patter, eating, exercise, whatever that is! Better to have weekly resolutions! Or daily... New Year Resolutions seems to be some social norm that people go with, you see gyms being full, and then in Feb empty again - these people need to make monthly resolutions. My weekly resolutions are to go sleep on time, exercise, eat properly, code, learn and study. If I fail any of this, I'll re-visit this and try again the next day or next week depending on the context.
Hussain Effendi
Awesome to know! I too have set daily resolutions. - Spend 30mins on reading at targetting at least 24 books in 2022 (open to any good suggestions but please keep it below a 300-page book; so that my calculations of completing 24 books don't get ruined..hahaha) - Trying to get active on PH and Twitter (Daily engagement) - Staying hydrated (coming from somebody that barely gets in a glass of water a day) - Being updated on daily NEWS (I currently do not follow the news at all) - Making somebody smile
Mahak from Outgrow
Nothing, want to surprise me this year with random ideas and will move with the flow.