New Rebranding & Launching Soon

Ramphis Reyes
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Hi guys! Let me introduce myself. I'm Ramphis Reyes, CEO and Founder of ARCTOS (, a Digital Marketing Agency focused mostly on delivering great design, customer experience, marketing strategies, branding and influencer marketing for startups and companies with recurring needs for web design and development, branding and social media management🚀🎉 I would prefer proper feedback regarding Productized Service, since for more than 8 years in the market we have only been working and getting new clients by word of mouth. Now this is something new and I'm nervous! 🥶 We're trying to target US/European customers. What tips would you suggest to have more exposure? What tips do you suggest for this kind of productized service website when launching on PH? Thanks once again and I'm open to feedbacks! Don't forget to check out our website 👉
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