Never give up.

Alex Papageorge
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I've been working on a project for years. We had super awesome momentum, decent traction, funding, but could never quite figure out where our product best existed. Was it a network app? Internal tool? External tool? Looking back, we were getting pulled in so many directions that a clear vision was never achieved. Sounds like a silly problem at that stage right? Well, it was more than a silly problem and that problem turned into discouragement. So much so that after years of struggling, we stopping iterating and ultimately working on the project. Until a month ago. I was eating lunch with a friend who was talking about a HUGE internal problem his company was facing. A problem, at the core, our application solves beautiful. See, like many young founders we wanted to add all the bells and whistles to the product without focusing on the core problem and solution it solved. So we did just that. We striped the product down to its bare bones and presented the solution to the company last week. Last night, we received an email that they will be moving forward! 🎉 This is a publicly traded company with 10,000+ employees and expanding like crazy. BTW, sorry for the limited information, but we're still in stealth mode 🤫 Morale of the story is - Never give up. Never stop iterating and thinking. Sometimes it seems like there's no hope, but it can all change in a single day. We are all makers and innovators, and innovation is not easy, but the small successes along the way make it all worth it.


Anton Ross
The desire to add everything has a destructive effect. Sometimes we forget that a startup is not a platform for honing your skills in programming or designing, it is marketing at the early stages!
Shawn Herzog
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Inna Proshkina
Great and very inspiring story!! Thanks for sharing!
Alice Rodgers
Thanks for sharing you story, Alex! really happy for you! hope to hear more about your company when you are not in a stealth mode!)
leong ym
Thanks for your sharing!!!
Miriam Dorsett
Love this post. Thank you for sharing, every bit of inspo helps for us out here still building! Hapy for you and looking forward to celebrating your future success.