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Siddharth Patel
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My team is creating free education platform where students can learn Coding and all STEM subjects for free in regional languages. We are all tech people hence We know that our platform can earn from Google Adsense. Is it a good idea? Can you also suggest any other ideas for Earning? Any suggestions regarding platform or anything else?


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I think it is a good idea. But it is also hard for Earning.
I would also contact any ngo's / businesses in those regions that might be willing to sponsor you.
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I would say try to do something that solves the problems of thousands of people. Which will help you grow your company.
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Great Idea!!!
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Great idea! you just need to work to monetize it. Collect emails from users to use them later. Furthermore connect with companies so they can offer jobs to students (they will pay you for that). They also can have special places for their Ads. You will not learn much from Google. You can also add donation button, so everyone can support your platform... These are some ideas, happy to connect if you want my help.
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Great Idea.
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Great Idea!!!
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So is your USP " free courses in regional languages" ? Because LMS are many and Google Translate does a quite good job, and there are also tools for automatic translation. What makes your idea unique or better than what is offered online already?
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ok. great