Need Feedback on website because conversions are low.

Haris Taqi
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Hey Product Hunt Fam! I launched my product here a week ago. The traffic is coming but I'm not getting many conversions. Need some feedback on how I can improve... Some concerns that I have - Is the value proposition clear? - Is the video grabbing enough attention? - Does the landing Page explain the product properly? - What would `you` change?


Tadas Kertenis
How long are you testing the conversions? Maybe you need to give it time, cause one week is maybe not enough. Or maybe it would be better to do a SaaS type of thing, monthly/early?
Haris Taqi
@tadas_kertenis The product was launched here recently but its been live for a couple of months now. We have some steady traffic but the conversions aren't that great. And as for the SaaS as you mentioned, i'm not quite sure what you mean by it.