Need Feedback on Open Bulk URL

Amit yadav
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What you think about it Yesterday launched on product hunt but never gone out of the newest section. Do share your feedback about website, is it something you will use or need?


Hi ! I've tried to understand your product and here what happened : 💡 What is it ? 🤷‍♂️ I can open url in tab or other window ... but which url ? For what ? It's a plugin for my website ? Or a plugin for my browser ? 💡 Ok got it, If I have multiple link I can use the tool to open them ? 🤷‍♂️ Yes, but It never happen. Maybe you can improve the tool by providing excel support ? Or give some usecase to help people ? I don't know who will use the tool but I understand the value.
Amit yadav
@jacquelinclem Thanks for your feedback. Use of tool is totally user specific and how you integrate it into your workflow Just of Example - You can save a list of URL that you open when you start your day (list specific to project) - You can save your favourite social media websites list and add a delay of 15 mins to open in same tab by doing this you are effectively stopping yourself from using social media for more than 15 mins Support for Excel - Just + CTRL+A and CTRL+C from excel and CTRL+V in website, that's it. Yes I need to give some use case to help people because simplest tool can be used very effective if used creatively.