My Learnings on acquiring our first 10,000 users for Vadootv

Ankur Singh
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Vadootv is a video hosting and marketing platform for creators and businesses. Record, upload, market & share your videos. We launched our beta last year in December and have gathered more than 15k+ monthly users till now. What worked: Product Hunt, Facebook Groups, Appsumo Launch & G2 What didn’t work: Twitter(hasn’t scaled), Linkedin Next steps: Targeting intent based keywords on google by creating landing pages and scaling our affiliate program.


Michael Dantzie
WoW....well done on acquiring more than 15K in a crowded market, that is some accomplishment!!!
Ankur Singh
@michael_dantzie Thanks Michael, we believe the quality of supply is not matching up with the growth of demand of video platforms after the pandemic.
Bharat Pasam
Thanks for sharing. How much was your Customer Acquisition Cost for the first 15k customers?
Bharat Pasam
@singh_ankur Wow! thats amazing no marketing or advertising expenses?
Harsh Maheshwari
Creatosaurus AI We are also focused on creating landing pages and working with influencers to spread awareness.