My app gained traction but no retention. Help me.

Patrick Zhong
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I built a virtual workplace to help people focus better and be more productive. I launched it on Hacker News and got 53 upvotes and 100 new signups with valid emails. However, after the spike, people never came back again. I think the landing page is doing fine because there are signups. The problem might have lied on the app design or the core concept. Am I missing anything critical? Should I give up and move on? Any comment is welcomed and appreciated. the app ->


Jonas Schaller
I think you should work more on the web design, there is so much text and you cant really get to know what this is if you just scroll over. You need less text and more pictures Explaining. Also there is no space between your blocks that really confuses me
Maciej Cupial
Well, the first spike is not traction. It would be best if you thought about bringing customers to your platform constantly.
Neri Raanani
I would try and connect with those first subscribers and ask them what it is about the idea that made them subscribe. Gather as much information as you can and try to use it to invest your efforts in the right places (whether it's more capabilities, design, etc). Is your product free? does it have a freemium plan or free trial? try to give your first users as much as you can so they can feel the real value of what you built. Don't give up! You can learn a lot from this journey, whether for this product or your next one. Good luck!
Launching soon!
If you have the valid emails of all, then try reaching them to get feedback on what went wrong. Send them a link to fill out a questionnaire; ask all the questions you want to ask, but don't make it lengthy. And lastly, never give up.
Dylan Merideth
keep at it! With this, start with your landing page. Remove text, show me a screenshot, and make the action crystal clear. From there, you can diagnose what the next step is. In examining your app, I clicked your CTA, entered my email, to which the app said, "email cant be sent". Maybe give the workflow a once-over for functionality and a lack of bugs? its hard to want to continue if the app is giving me a dead button